Joe invites you to join him for his 2nd appearance at this delicious, bright & fun restaurant with 3 sets of acoustic fare featuring music by The Beatles, Stones, Paul Simon, Sting, James Taylor & many more of the classic artists from the 60s & 70s & even beyond thru the 80’s, 90s & up to the current day ! If you enjoy great people, food, cocktails & music you’ll be a perfect fit !parcells

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Greetings from Joe & Keith !



We hope you like & enjoy navigating our new, revamped website ! As we cherish & enjoyed entertaining you for the past many decades we look forward even more to entertaining you for many years to come ! We appreciate your Friendship & Support more than you’ll ever know !

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Welcome to the new Fullhouse Website!


Welcome to our new website! We’re pretty excited to have a brand new site with plenty of new features, including this new blog. You can check this page for show announcements and other Fullhouse news, so check back often. And thank you for visiting!

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